I have often dreamed of being a writer. While in school, I always scored high grades in creative writing, but I never pursued that avenue of artistic expression until recently.

I write in two totally different genres. I have been working on a Fantasy story for…wow!…far too long. I have several scenes written and still in my mind, but have yet to be able to string them together. The other genre which I have has some success with and have received rave reviews for is Erotic Romance/Erotica. I have had six short stories published on a website and two of them still rank in the top 250 of their classes. I continue to receive feedback and praise from the site’s members and that has been my motivation to write longer, better crafted stories for publication.

Both offer me different levels of satisfaction and each allows me to follow a mood or an emotion down certain paths.

I have yet to officially publish anything beyond my story posts on-line, but with the help of some really wonderful members of the writer’s group I belong to, I hope to jump that hurdle fairly soon! That is – if I can make the time to write.

I will post samples of my writing from time to time but first, I need to write something worth posting.

Keep in touch – I’ll surprise you one day.


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