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Review: Chicken Nuggets – The Raptor Apocalypse

I’ve never written a proper, well thought out book review before.

I don’t imagine this review would fall into either category as well, however, I want to entice you to reading a new book by Steve Yeager that seems to have a humorous title, but is far from being a comedy.

Chicken Nuggets – The Raptor Apocalypse

Is a story about what happens after a scientifically created bird of prey is released into the world to greatly diminish the human population with the intent to “start over”. We follow the lives of two main characters, Jesse and Cory after the first five years of the raptor release.

Jesse is a law man from Texas who has seen everyone he cares about fall to the fowl demons, yet somehow, finds the will to continue on living rather than succumb to their razor sharp teeth of death.

Cory is part of the group that engineered this apocalypse, and is forced out of his underground shelter in New York to see why communication has been lost with another groups of his peers in Denver. He must now cross the country, on foot, to reestablish contact with the Denver cell. He is now prey to his own creation and will also witness the life that survivors have grown accustom to in the five year since it all began.

How does it all end? Well – if I told you, you wouldn’t read the book.

I have not read many post-apocalyptic stories, but this one really kept my interest. A little slow to start, Chicken Nuggets becomes a true page turner about a third of the way in and kept hold of my interest through to the end.

Chicken Nuggets – The Raptor Apocalypse is available as an E-book on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A paperback version can also be purchased on Amazon.

Available on-line in e-book and soft cover at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Chicken Nuggets – The Raptor Apocalypse


Thought of the Day

Golly…I haven’t thought about much in the past two months.

Let me think about that for a while…

Thought of the Day

Reading a book is a beautiful thing.

Why waste precious natural resources over and over again to read it.

Read a book – not a screen.

At least a book only used natural resources once to be made.

Okay – this is the closest I’ll ever come to being an activist – (don’t know if I did it right either)

Now the picture that inspired this thought.

Read a book

Happy 2013!

Here it is, the second day of the new year, and I can say the the year hasn’t been a total loss yet….I was able to write today!!!!

Ok – go back to your lives people. I have spoken.

Thought of the Day

“The hardest lesson to learn is the one you preach to others.”

~ D. W. Good


See my post about Time to Write, and understand that I just spent two hours watching the season finally of The Voice with disappointing results. Would have been happier wrestling with my story for two hours.

Quote of the Day

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou

Which Comes First? Story or Title

It’s the age old question with no clear answer. Much like its more famous counterpart,“Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?”, there really is no way to answer this definitively. You might think that the egg must come first as chickens come from eggs. But then, where would that first egg have come from? No one knows! It’s similar with writing: Does the title inspire the story or does the story inspire the title?

The good news  us writers is that it’s really a question of what works for you? There is no write or wrong answer (did you see my little play with words right there? Thank you). We have the freedom to choose which will be our first move. And if it works – all the better! If it doesn’t, then we can switch easily to the other and try again.

For me, I have traditionally come up with a title first; letting it inspire and shape my story’s concept. Then I move on to writing the story itself. This may work for short stories as the title suggests the main subject. Such stories usually are single subject based in the first place. Easy! However, when I write longer manuscripts or am writing in the Fantasy genre, I’m starting to feel that the title first method might be hindering my progress. Perhaps it would be better to allow the story to present an appropriate title as it develops. But then, there is another problem that arises.

In this world of electronic files, if you have several stories in the works at one time, you can’t really go around with a series of files named Untitled.docx. It’s bad enough when I have several versions of the same story and I have multiple files with names like: Hobbit.docx, Hobbit_1.docx, Hobbit_Alt.docx, Hobbit_2nd_alt.docx….and so on. Which is the current file? Which one had the line that I wanted to use in my Hobbit_1st_rewrite.docx file? It get’s ugly fast. Now, imagine dozens of files with Untitled as the title. I already have a head ache and I’m just writing about it.

So where do we go from here? I don’t want to get into the options computers give us with folders and file hierarchies that would work to keep many things sorted out. What I’d like to ask is which method do you subscribe to? Do you prefer one of the other or do you employ both methods depending on what you are writing?

So what comes first?

Story Title?


The Story?

I welcome your thoughts.

Just the Way it is.

“A man who is not born with the novel-writing gift has a troublesome time of it when he tries to build a novel. I know this from experience. He has no clear idea of his story; in fact he has no story. He merely has some people in his mind, and an incident or two, also a locality, and he trusts he can plunge those people into those incidents with interesting results. So he goes to work. To write a novel? No–that is a thought which comes later; in the beginning he is only proposing to tell a little tale, a very little tale, a six-page tale. But as it is a tale which he is not acquainted with, and can only find out what it is by listening as it goes along telling itself, it is more than apt to go on and on and on till it spreads itself into a book. I know about this, because it has happened to me so many times.”

Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson and Other Tales

“Man…you said it all!”

~ D. W. Good, Trying to spread his six-page tale into a book.