I am new – a beginner – dawn.

I have passions and knowledge within that I long to share.

Searching for the right medium that will allow me to pass on what I know, what I dream, what touches my heart.

Photography allows me to share visions in color or black and white – a window to my soul. You can view my work and thoughts at Life From All Angles.

Writing is an avenue to communicate thoughts – painting my mind’s eye with words.

Music permits me to touch you physically, without coming in direct contact – feel the rhythm of my mind as it reaches your innermost core. The dance we share from across the room.

In all these forms, I have found vessels to speak, to shout, to sing, to communicate my love, my rage, my joys and sorrows, my confidence as well as my insecurities – to that end I am truly bilingual.

This is my Art ~ This is my Passion


~ D. W. Good


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