Hello World! This is your Captain speaking.

This is the first post of my first blog ever! How am I doing?

I really can’t say what this will ultimately turn into, however, I hope it will help document my own personal journey of discovery. As I try to become a better writer, expand my work as a photographer, regain the rapture I once knew as a musician and just try to be an all-around NICE GUY, I invite you all to travel along with me.

Are you ready? (neither am I)


About David W. Good

I'm an ordinary Joe with extraordinary dreams. On the ordinary side; I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather - not to mention a brother, uncle, grand uncle, cousin, nephew and so on. My passions include photography, writing, model railroading, music, painting, sketching and much much more. I hope that some of my passions prove to be enjoyable and entertaining to others about me. A creative soul loves to share beauty, mystery and love. View all posts by David W. Good

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